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Apocalypse: Trail® the Board Game

The end times have come and society has collapsed because of a global disaster. Gather what survivors you can, scavenge a vehicle and supplies and set out on a journey to find a safe place to settle in and weather out the apocalypse until the worst of it has blown over.

Game Play

How to Play

Apocalypse: Trail ® is a dice rolling, survival board game. Players select vehicle, character, and vehicle modification cards and set out on a journey to reach shelter before the disaster strikes. 

Outfitting Your Crew

Players take turns choosing a Survivor Leader, a Vehicle, Survivors, and Mods. Vehicles and Mods must be purchased with your starting cash, but Leaders and Survivors are free.

Leaders and Survivors have three qualities ranking their abilities to solve problems: Fixin', Thinkin', and Fightin'. Select characters with a balanced distributions of these abilities to improve your chances at resolving Scenarios successfully! Some Learders and Survivors also have special abilities that will help them in certain scenarios or benefit the crew throughout the game. Others have disadvantages that will make them weaker choices as they will hinder your ability to advance. Choose wisely!

Each Vehicle has a different fuel, passenger, and resource capacity as well as different Speed Dice. Will you take the SUV so you can load up on people and supplies? Or will you choose a more fuel efficient option like the Motorbike or the Sedan?

Vehicle Mods Come with a variety of enhancements. Take a Tool Box to help you resolve Fixin' scenarios or a Bag O Bungees to bring along extra medicine. 

Once you've made your choices, use any remaining cash to purchase resources.

Playing the Game

The game board for Apocalypse: Trail ® includes a trail with a variety of squares, some require you to take a specific action. There are green squares with resources on them. If your token lands on one of these squares, you may take 1 resource of the type indicated there, such as fuel, rations, or medicine. Red squares are Scenarios and cannot be skipped over. Like in the board game Life ®, when you come to a red STOP square, you have to stop on these squares. A red square triggers a new Scenario which each Crew must resolve.

Throughout the game board, players will resolve these disaster Scenarios, selected randomly at the beginning of the game. resolving scenarios successfully will mean players gain new resources, mods, and even survivors! Failing to resolve scenarios can result in spending extra resources, serious injury or death of a survivor!

There are also yellow squares, which require Crews to consume their Rations or gain Hunger Tokens and blue squares which indicate the Shelters.

With each movement, unless pushing, Vehicles consume one Fuel. 

Winning the Game

To win the game, you must reach a shelter before the Disaster reaches the end of the game!

Game Modes

There are two play modes: 

It is everyone for themself! Players must compete for the best resources as they move along the game board and resolve scenarios on their own. Hurry to the safest shelter so your crew will survive the apocalypse!

In survival mode, every player will run their own vehicle and select their own survivors and mods, but everyone works together to solve the deadly scenarios. 

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